Social media has completely revolutionised the way in which we interact with each other.

Over the past few years, online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok have taken over our social lives and have paved a new and innovative way for us to produce and consume content online.

Today, with an estimated 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, a number that’s reportedly growing by 100 million daily, it might come as no surprise that social media channels and trends are constantly evolving and news ones are emerging.

But with such constant change, it can be difficult to keep up.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most important social media trend predictions for 2021, right here.

Incorporating these into your business’ marketing strategy will help you to boost your engagement and help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Social Media Trend: Short-form video content

Short-form videos have made a huge impact since the launch of TikTok back in 2016, and Instagram has solidified the importance of this content type thanks to their introduction of Reels earlier this year.

If you’re wondering what has triggered this mass movement from written text to video content, it’s likely down to shrinking attention spans.

On average, Gen Z consumers (born between 1996 and 2010) have an 8-second attention span, making short-form videos one of the most important social media trends for any marketer or small business owner.

Whilst modern technology has meant that developing your own short videos can be simple, it still requires a strategic approach and an extensive research into your ideal audience.

As is the case when trying any content type out for the first time, it’s best if you experiment with your video ideas and try communicating your brand message and values in different ways.

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate short-form video content into your digital marketing strategy:

Speak directly with your audience through social stories

Now a feature on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (nothing like jumping on the bandwagon ey), stories are quick and easy to film using your smartphone and can help you open a two-way conversation with your customers.

Showing up consistently to your followers by answering FAQs or hosting a Q&A session will build trust and will make your business more personal.

Explain your product or service through a series of short videos

Short videos (no more than 2 or 3 minutes long) are a great way to demonstrate how your product or service works and to highlight the benefits to your audience (remember, show don’t tell).

In this way, prospects will be able to discover your services or products quickly and easily.

Appeal to your customers with behind-the-scenes sneak peaks

People are instinctively nosey, so why not invite your audience ‘behind-the-scenes’?

You can film the packaging of your new product or tease a new service you’re about to introduce in a short video. The more excitement you can generate around your brand, the greater chance you have of expanding your audience and boosting your engagement levels.

Social Media Trend: Social Good

2020 has been a turbulent year (to say the very least) and this has led to a sharp rise in brands creating more purpose and belief-driven content.

A recent survey by Crowd DNA found that 68% of Gen Z consumers expect brands to contribute to society, and 61% are willing to pay more for products that are ethically produced. As a result, more and more businesses are taking to social media to showcase the ways in which they are tackling important issues, from climate change to general elections.

Environmental Issues

Our increasing awareness of the effects we have on the planet means that many brands are having to rethink their business strategy to factor in their environmental impact.

One great example of how some businesses have started showcasing this to their followers is with ‘Green Friday’.

Not heard of it? It’s a growing movement in response to the chaos of Black Friday and it encourages brands to swap ridiculously low deals for something more environmentally friendly.

Whether we like it or not, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not kind to our planet – the lure of heavy-discounts and free shipping means more plastic packaging is produced, CO2 emissions increase, and lots of unused items end up on landfill.

To combat this, a surprising number of big brands got on board with Green Friday this year.

Take Cathay Pacific, the flag airline carrier of Hong Kong. From 20th to 30th November 2020, they offset their carbon emissions for every ticket sold during that timeframe, whilst Sofology, the UK based sofa manufacturing company, pledged to plant 100 trees for every sofa booked through their Sofa Rescue programme.

These are great examples of how you can encourage sales and support important issues at the same time.

Social Issues

In addition to environmental issues, big brands are also showing increasing support on social media for social issues such as immigration, racism, and the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community (to name just a few).

As we become more aware of the social injustices felt by minority groups, consumer focus has started to broaden and shift. Price and convenience are no longer the only things to consider. Instead, consumers are also wanting to see how their favourite brands are improving the world.

Take Ben and Jerry’s for example, the much-loved American ice cream brand.

2020 became a huge catalyst for widespread anti-racist protests, and whilst many brands were criticised for putting out watered-down support on social media, Ben and Jerry’s took a no-nonsense approach. Their stark and powerful statement, which was released in June alongside a four-point plan of action, was publicly praised, with writer Jemele Hill tweeting “this is how you put out a statement”.

Whilst it’s certainly difficult to have any way near the same influence as a multi-million-dollar corporation, it’s important to start thinking of the issues that really matter to you and your business in 2021, and showing your customers on social media what you are doing to tackle them.

It could be small things such as reducing your waste by 10% percent or donating leftover products to a certain charity.

It’s time to start mapping out 2021

2021 promises to be an exciting year where business owners like yourself will have the chance to foster a stronger relationship with their audience through the use of visual content that speaks directly to the concerns of the customer.

But creating this sort of content can be difficult. If you’d like support from a team of marketing experts, 10X Marketing Consultancy can help you in every step of the process, from the initial planning phrase through to the creation of educational, entertaining, and emotive content.

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