Maintaining a positive, empowering culture is a must for our director Talisa; she took the plunge to become self-employed at the start of 2020 to get a better work/life balance, so it’s important to her that her team maintains this too.  

As part of the 10X team, you’re encouraged to take risks and try new things. We welcome people who think outside the box and are always open to trying a different approach and analysing the results. 

We know that everyone works differently; some prefer to get up at the crack of dawn (like Talisa!), while others find they’re creative later in the day. We don’t mind when you work; what’s important to us is that you work when you’re most productive and deliver your tasks on time.

We’re also flexible with where you work; as a remote agency, our team is dotted around the country, and we often take our laptops to the coffee shops or a co-working space for a change of scenery to get the creative juices following.  

Why work for 10X Marketing? 

  • Encouraged CPD (we encourage our team to do at least an hour a week!). 
  • Regular progress check-ins and 1 to 1s. 
  • Discretionary time off at Christmas. 
  • Flexible working (daily meeting at 9am, but you’re welcome to work the hours that work for you).
  • Tightknit, supportive team.
  • Encouraged to be creative, forward-thinking and keep up to date with new trends and developments in the industry. 

What's a typical day look like at 10X?

As we work with a large variety of clients (we’re talking B2B and B2C in a whole host of industries – from home fragrance to private dentists, construction companies to multinational maritime organisations, and everything in between)… No two days are the same. But every day, we come together at 9am on Teams for a check-in call, where we’ll all discuss our tasks and focuses for that day, and if anyone has any queries, we discuss them during this catch-up call.

We’re also active in our Teams' group chat throughout the day, so a helping hand is always available. We also have a monthly meeting which is typically an hour, where Talisa shares the financial performance of the business, and we all discuss how the last month was, how we’re progressing on our objectives, what our focus is for the next month and what wins we had in that month.  

To see some examples of a day in the life of different team members, here's a taster... 

Talisa Gill - Director & Marketing Consultant

Alison Davey - Marketing Development Manager

Sasha Whittam - Digital Marketing Apprentice

What does a 10X team member look like? 

We're all unique, but what brings us all together is we have a passion for helping business owners by providing great content. A 10X team member typically is... 

  • Organised
  • Creative 
  • A team player 
  • Not afraid to make a suggestion, take a risk or go against the grain 
  • Able to act upon their own initiative  
  • A fan of remote working
  • Pays close attention to detail 
  • Wanting to always improve and grow as an individual  

Should you be on our radar?

At 10X Marketing, we’re a growing business and always like to hear from talented individuals!

If you think we should know about you, connect with the team on LinkedIn or send us an email telling us a little bit more about yourself