Lead magnet creation is something that we’re experts in at 10X, so if you’ve come to become a pro, you’ve come to the right place! 

A lead magnet is a free piece of content or incentive that entices readers to subscribe to your email list. An effective lead magnet provides immense value to potential customers while gathering leads for your business to nurture into sales. This 5-step guide will help you create a compelling lead magnet. 

Step 1: Identify your target audience and their needs  

The first vital step is thoroughly understanding who you want to reach and what problems they face or questions they have that your business, products or services can solve. Get very specific about demographics, interests, goals and pain points. This clarity allows you to tailor content that truly resonates with your audience. 


Step 2: Determine the right format

With your audience and their needs clearly defined, consider what format would be most engaging and helpful for them while also encouraging them to consume the content and opt-in to your list. 

Common lead magnet formats include ebooks, templates, cheat sheets, checklists, guides, quizzes, free consultations, slide decks, case studies, tip sheets, webinars and more. Choose wisely based on their preferences and incentivise them to exchange their contact information to access it. 


Step 3: Craft a compelling headline  

You likely only have seconds to grab attention with your lead magnet, so your headline needs to intrigue readers and create interest by promising tremendous value. Communicate the exact benefit they will receive to compel them to download it. 


Step 4: Provide extremely valuable content

The content itself absolutely must deliver what the headline offers, providing immense value beyond expectations. Go very in-depth, offering actionable advice, proven tactics, fresh ideas and solutions to their struggles.  

Establish your expertise in solving their problems and build trust. This high-quality content gets readers even more excited about what else you can provide them in the future. 


Step 5: Include a strong call to action

Finally, add clear calls to action throughout the lead magnet driving the reader at the optimal moment to opt-in by exchanging their contact information, such as name and email address, to access or download it.  

Make this process super simple and seamless for them to easily complete to successfully secure them into your leads funnel. 


Benefits of lead magnets  

Effective lead magnets attract and engage potential customers as subscribers. You build authority, credibility, and trust by providing tremendous value upfront for free. Readers then associate your brand, business, products and services very positively with the experience you facilitated. 

Additionally, quality lead magnets generate leads you can nurture into full customers. They also serve as highly shareable marketing assets because of the immense value provided. Lead magnets enable you to continually promote and distribute content that works hard behind the scenes to achieve conversions and growth for your business. 


Lead magnet examples:

Interested in creating one for yourself but need some inspiration? Here are some examples of types of lead magnets that you could use. 

  • Ebook – ‘Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation’ 
  • Toolkit/Cheat sheet – ‘Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet Printable PDF’ 
  • Checklist – ‘12 Ways to See If You’re Ready to Start a Business’
  • Resource List – ‘Our 10 Favourite Management & Leadership Podcasts’ 
  • Quiz – ‘What Career Should You Actually Have Based on Your Personality?’ 
  • Calculator – ‘How Much Do You Really Spend Daily on Lattes & Snack Habits?’ 


Creating a killer lead magnet drives real business results but takes skill, effort and resources. If you don’t have the extra bandwidth to handle this in-house, leverage experts like our seasoned team at 10X.  

We will expertly craft high-converting lead magnets tailored specifically to resonate with your audience. Let us handle creating your next lead magnet to take your business to the next level! Let’s talk.