In today’s digital age, establishing a solid social media presence has become crucial for businesses seeking success. With the advent of powerful tools and platforms, companies can now reach a wider audience and maximise their potential.  

This is part of what we do at 10X, so we thought it was only fitting to share our strategies for creating a killer social media presence and using digital platforms to benefit your business.  

Yes, your business should be on social media, but that doesn’t specifically mean that you need to be on EVERY social media. For example, 10X doesn’t use Twitter’s platform. Why? One of the main reasons is that we reach our target audience best through other platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn (follow us if you don’t already).  

Our content is valuable and, therefore, can be hard to condense into what, 280 characters? That’s crazy talk; we’ve just got so much to say.  


This introduction is 947 characters alone!  


1. Wider Reach and Increased Visibility  

Thanks to the billions of active users across various social media platforms, businesses can tap into a never-ending audience. Platforms that undoubtedly offer a diverse and expansive reach are found nowhere else in the business world.  

Social media breaks your business from the confines of geographical location and can connect you with potential clients and customers from all walks of life; you need to utilise it!  

Visibility is measured by how much your content is exposed to your audience, whether they are aware of your platform and how much of your content increases awareness and engagement. To put it plainly, social media is your way to do this.   

The power of social media visibility lies in its ability to attract individuals who align with your company’s values, interests, or needs and who may have yet to find your company through traditional marketing techniques.   

So, jump on your phone or laptop and start setting up business accounts and catch up on untapped potential!  


2. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Communication  

Another important reason for using social media to promote your business is its opportunity for enhanced customer engagement and communication.  

By engaging and pushing engagements through sharing stories, creating polls and including call-to-actions in your posts that spark a conversation in the comments, you can establish a direct communication channel with your target audience (and hopefully future customers!).   

Online accounts help put a face in front of your business and give your potential customers someone to talk to on the platform; that’s why we suggest using a personal business account that repurposes your content from your perspective.   

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3. Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing and Advertising 

Are you a small business, don’t have a huge budget, or maybe even just don’t want to splash the cash on marketing your products and content? Posting online is the way forward!  

Traditional methods can be expensive, but with social media marketing, you can use a low-cost, low-risk strategy that, IF done right, can produce crazy results. Signing up on platforms is the only thing stopping you from maximising your investments.   

What side are you on? Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing.  


4. Brand Building and Reputation Management  

The online sphere has emerged as a powerful tool for shaping a brand’s image and managing its reputation. By showcasing valuable content across different social media platforms, you can position yourself as a valuable asset in the industry and make your business a trusted name in your niche.  

But it’s about more than building your brand; managing how you and your business are seen is also crucial to your success. You can control your reputation by…  


  • Promptly addressing feedback, concerns, and inquiries can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.  
  • Be proactive and responsive with engagement.  


The wide web is a public place, so you must be careful about the content you post, as it will all influence how your brand is perceived. 10X are experts in personalising digital marketing strategies to fit specific business needs; why not let us take the reins?  


5. Competitive Advantage and Business Growth on Social Media

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, having a presence on social media is no longer a choice but a necessity for your business.   

Failing to establish an online presence can leave you lagging behind your competitors. Basically, you’ll get left behind if you don’t adapt to the new ways of business; that’s just the hard truth.  

Instead of being left behind, use social profiles to do the following:  


  • Stay updated on industry trends  
  • Boost your business
  • Monitor competitor activities  
  • Respond quickly to market changes.  


Or let us do it for you…  

Social media has changed the way businesses connect with audiences.  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity that it can provide your business. Join the ranks on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and a new contender in the mix, ‘Threads’ and embrace that online lifestyle!  

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