Grayson Case Study 

Leveraging Expert Marketing Support for Success: Grayson

The Client 

Grayson is an award-winning supplier of brickwork sundries. With a proud 95-year heritage, Grayson has grown to become the UK’s number-one supplier to contractors and subcontractors.  

With years of experience, Grayson’s experts help clients navigate their options and ensure they select the right product. The company strives to deliver exceptional value beyond just price, ensuring projects remain on time and within budget.  

With an extensive in-stock inventory of over 50,000 products and a dedicated R&D team, Grayson develops innovative, tailored solutions for their clients. With the help of 10X, Grayson brings more new products to market than any other specialist supplier.

The Challenge

Grayson’s longtime in-house marketing manager resigned, leaving a significant gap in their marketing efforts. This manager had overseen all aspects of marketing over many years with the company, so their departure meant losing substantial institutional knowledge and creative direction.  

Grayson needed to determine how to fill this vital role as soon as possible to maintain marketing momentum. They considered searching for a new full-time marketing hire but were concerned about finding someone qualified who could get up to speed quickly.   

With several key campaigns and projects on the horizon, an extended vacancy in this position could negatively impact the business.  

Unsure about finding the perfect replacement on time, Grayson decided to take a different approach.   

They chose us as an external marketing agency on an initial short-term contract while still evaluating long-term options. This provided time to assess if outsourcing might offer more flexibility and expertise compared to a single in-house resource.  

After seeing 10X’s attention to detail, determination and, most importantly, results, Grayson decided to outsource their entire marketing program with us rather than employ someone new.  

The Solution

We provided Grayson with a comprehensive monthly marketing campaign that includes the following:  

  • Blog articles highlighting Grayson’s products and projects.   
  • Monthly email campaigns.  
  • Social media posts showcasing Grayson’s work and company culture.
  • Ad hoc consulting and marketing support, averaging 5 hours per month.  

We have also worked alongside Grayson to create a brand-new website designed to showcase Grayson’s products and services in a modern, market-leading way.    

An updated website conveys professionalism and helps build credibility, so this project was vital for our marketing efforts at Grayson.  

Leveraging connections in the industry is invaluable. That’s why, where we see fit, we introduce our clients to connections that can help them in any way. For Grayson, this has included an introduction to other trusted partners, Big Sky Creative, for their video production needs and Wall Nuts for their newly branded office murals.  

The Results

Working with 10X Marketing Consultancy has yielded tremendous benefits for Grayson:  

  • We helped Grayson win Supplier of the Year through an integrated digital marketing strategy. This prestigious industry award is a testament to the success of our partnership.  
  • Our services delivered cost-effective access to an entire team of experts rather than the costs of one in-house hire.  
  • We dramatically uplifted Grayson’s marketing visuals and brand positioning to be seen as a industry leader. They receive great feedback on the fresh, modern approach on platforms such as LinkedIn.  
  • Grayson’s investment in our services supported their revenue growth goals and strengthened their competitive position.  

Due to our success with Grayson the team has referred us onto other construction partners including the following:  

  • Vision Limited   
  • Fox Aluminium  
  • The ABC Assessment Centre  
  • The Association of Brickwork Contractors

Here’s what Tony has to say about working with 10X Marketing 

Finding a marketing partner that works for you 

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