Mola Dental Case Study

Selling out an Invisalign open day in only 12 hours!  

The Client 

Private Dentist based in Sheffield, Mola Dental specialises in offering private dental treatments and facial aesthetics. The practice is equipped with the latest dental technology to offer any dental treatments required in-house.  

Mola Dental are conveniently located within Archer Road Retail Park with free parking and are open 6 days a week including weekday evenings and weekends. This allows Mola Dental to target local families and busy professionals.  

The Challenge

Moving premises as a medical practice can provide many difficulties; the main one is to keep existing patients. Mola Dental knew it was the time to move locations to offer more dental treatments, employ further medical professionals and to also provide a more welcoming environment which showcases their culture and values.  

The challenge of keeping your existing patient base and building new patients was why Chet Mistry, the owner of Mola Dental knew he had to raise his online digital marketing presence. Instead of just using word of mouth, Chet had to outsource professional support to enhance his marketing strategy. Something he had no experience or time to do.  

Mola Dental also had the challenge of offering new specialised treatments and raising the awareness of these to other dentists and medical professionals.  

The Solution

Chet reached out to 10X Marketing back in 2021 to discuss outsourcing his marketing to us. His main objectives were to offer organic marketing to a local audience. He had spoken to other marketing agencies but what he liked most about 10X Marketing, is how we specialised in content marketing to get people to know who you are, like who you are and trust who you are. We didn’t offer any fast solutions, but long organic marketing strategies which will give Mola Dental steady growth.

To begin with, we put together a monthly content marketing package which included social media marketing, email marketing, blog posts and quarterly lead magnets with nurturing automations like “how to guides”. This made it the perfect content marketing solution for Mola Dental to raise its profile and attract new clients. Alongside our own content marketing services, we also introduced Neil from Digital Impact Solutions to work alongside us and perform the technical SEO to support the local Google search engine.

Together we have worked with Mola Dental since June 2021, the organic content marketing strategy has proved successful, so has been maintained throughout this time, but we’ve also been agile in adapting it when necessary. For example, when promoting Invisalign open days, we have created promotional campaign emails and created and managed paid Facebook ads to promote the events and encourage sign-ups. As we saw significant success using Facebook ads, we now continue to utilise these for Mola Dental with the objective of attracting local people and bringing new patients to the business – opening a new lead channel for Mola Dental.

The benefit of working with 10X Marketing is our trusted partners and connections which Mola Dental has taken advantage of.  Over the last two years, Chet has trusted to reach out to us for all marketing requirements.

When he moved into his new practice, we recommended that he used Wall Nuts for his wall mural designs of Sheffield. When the practice was finally finished, we also planned a filming day to show the new location, to introduce Chet and what Mola Dental offers and to invite clients to record testimonials. We introduced our videography partner Big Sky Creative to come for the day and film this content.  

For any print marketing, we’ve been able to design the templates in-house and then use our printing partner The Print & Copy Shop to print and deliver the assets to Mola Dental directly.

Last year, Chet also decided that he wanted a new website to reflect the new practice. We worked together with our website development partner Try Portal to create a brand-new website for Mola Dental.  

No matter what Mola Dental’s needs have been, they’ve been able to trust us to find the perfect solution.  

The Payoff

Over the last two years, Mola Dental have continued to use 10X Marketing as their marketing partner and now consider us to be an integral part of their business.  

We are now not only marketing to attract new patients into the business, but also marketing for client retention and customer satisfaction.  

One specific project we’re proud of is when we began marketing for Mola Dental’s first Invisalign Open Day. We planned the strategy and executed the awareness campaign, and after the first email was delivered, the event sold out in less than 12 hours. This was an amazing success for the team and Mola Dental have continue to execute these open days every few months.  

Each month, Chet also shares the new patient reporting figures which has shown up too 40 new patients per month joining with a private dental plan. 

Here’s what Chet has to say about working with 10X Marketing 

Finding a marketing partner that works for you 

If, like Mola Dental, you’re looking for a marketing partner to generate you awareness, leads and client retention, 10X Marketing are here to help.

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