When we launched a year ago, we could have only hoped to be where we are now, but our ultimate marketing checklist guided us along the way.

Of course, we’d done all the normal steps. The market research, finding our USPs and preparing to put ourselves out there. But that didn’t guarantee success.

Every start-up has dreams, but with ambition comes certain expectations. A mental wall that we build to protect ourselves, where we insist “we’re just trying it out, it’s okay if this doesn’t work”. Going off on your own can be tough and gruelling but, as we’ve proven, the rewards are worth it.

Now it’s time for us to give back. As a recent start-up with exponential success, we’re here to help you take the right steps with our 10X ultimate marketing checklist.

So here it is, from one growing business to another.


Step 1. Know your strengths

Marketing a new business is about marketing yourself, and not enough people know that.

After all, you’re asking people to trust that you’ll be true to your word without any evidence to back you up.  92% of customers use word-of-mouth recommendations to pick between substitute goods, and having no reviews can be detrimental when trying to get that first purchase.

By fully understanding where your strengths lie and proudly putting yourself at the forefront of your brand, you are showing your customers that you’ll be the one to take the fall if something goes wrong, not them.


Step 2. Don’t just research your market, apply it

Every advice page will tell you to conduct market research. What no one takes the time to tell you, is that it’s not all about the knowing. You need to be able to apply what you learn too.

From spotting a gap in a competitor’s portfolio to designing a product or service that fills that spot – it’s not what you’ve learnt, but how you use that knowledge that will help you succeed.

Really get in the minds of your stakeholders. Understand what they want.

To help you with this, why not download our persona checklist here?


Step 3. Perfect your branding

It is essential you launch with strong, consistent branding. This means having the same messaging on your Instagram account to your website, even if one has to be said in a short caption and the other in paragraphs.

You’ll need a memorable slogan, eye-catching logo and should even consider the little things such as a branded banner for your email signature. This adds an element of professionalism to every step of your business.

Not got an eye for visuals? Don’t worry, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do. Don’t hesitate to look for help. Take advantage of free consultations to really get an idea of what you need to do.

Remember: the more people you connect with before your official launch, the more people feel personally involved in the success of your company.


Step 4. Get on social media and test the waters

When it comes to launching a new business, social media can feel like a help and a hindrance. We’d know.

On the one hand, it gives customers a low-pressure platform to browse your product or service-related content without feeling the pressure to buy. On the other, it can feel like shouting into a void. Like all the content you’ve created that doesn’t gain any traction is a waste of effort.

That’s where consultancy businesses and agencies like 10x Marketing come in. By outsourcing the content that you don’t have the time (or drive) to create, your time can be better spent working through your long list of other ‘new business’ to-dos.

Learn more marketing tips by following our LinkedIn here.


Step 5. Get networking and build up some buzz 

Sign yourself up to local business groups and networks. Remember, your aim at this point is to increase your brand awareness but not specifically make a sale. You want to be authentic and make genuine connections, and networking is one of the best ways to do this.

Cultivating friendships will create a community of people who will always support you, and this will massively benefit your business in the long term.

Another great way to build up buzz for your product or service would be to get people paying attention to you on social media. Build a following by hosting a competition, offering sample products in exchange for authentic reviews, or reaching out to your local community asking them to support your new venture.


Step 6. Launch your website but keep some secrets

Here’s one of our secrets: we’ll never give absolutely everything away at the very beginning.

Instead of launching your full product range in one go, list half instead. Bring potential customers into the journey, let them see visible proof of you growing and adapting. This will help them feel more involved in your growth and be more likely to support you as you develop.

Plus, teasers, samples and launch events give you great pre-built social media content.


Combine the ultimate marketing checklist and 10X Marketing to give your business the best start

And there you have it – our ultimate marketing checklist. If you found it useful, why not share it with the other budding entrepreneurs in your life?

And if you’re looking for support launching your new business (whether that’s support with your website, your social media content, or general marketing support), reach out to the team here at 10X Marketing.

As content marketing specialists, we can help you to boost brand awareness and nurture prospects into valued customers with a highly targeted content marketing strategy. Find out more here.


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