In today’s world, we are constantly learning and improving our skills to further our careers. Within the last couple of years, numerous free online tools have been released to help us become more skilled and save us time. Throughout this post, we’ll look at our favourite tools and classes to help you become a more skilled employee.

So, if you’re looking for a few handy tools to improve your skills, read on!


Top learning tools:

Canva Design School

If you want to improve your skills in graphic design, there is no better place to start than with Canva’s design school. They offer videos with interactive features, meaning that however you learn, you should find something for your learning style. Canva is known as graphic design for novices, and their online tutorials make it an even easier place to learn. They have categories such as how-to’s on:

  • Creating videos

This class guides you through creating and editing a video from start to finish. From how-to guides on audio, animation, and recording, they have all the information you need to create a great TikTok.

  • Canva basics

You need to take this class if you’re using Canva as your main graphic design tool. They guide you through removing background images, filters, brand kit setups, and much more. They cover all bases on how to get the most out of the tools they offer.

  • Creating websites

Not only do they cover creating a website and how to use website tutorials, but they also have a guide on buying domains and connecting existing domains. They have thought of everything to make your life a little easier.

An even better feature than just the video tutorials is their ‘learn and play’ feature, which allows users to use interactive workbooks to better understand how to use Canva.

Start learning today and use the interactive workshops offered by Canva.



Building websites and learning coding is no easy skill to have, but if you can gain a basic understanding of how to use coding, you’ll be on the top of the list for employers. Records show the fastest growing job market is within the computing industry, so having coding skills is fantastic and is sure to put you ahead of the game.

The Codeacadey website allows you to:

  • Understand coding foundations
  • Analyse data with Python
  • Build a website using HTML, CSS and Github pages
  • Analyse data with SQL

Coding is now being taught in schools, and Barclays have a ‘code playground’ that shows children the basics of coding and how they can use it to create apps and websites.


Top learning videos:


Online classes on all things marketing are offered on Skillshare. You simply watch the video tutorials you’re interested in along with other students, and then you have the option to complete a project at the end of the course.

Our favourite categories you should start today are:

  • Creative writing

If you work in Marketing, a must-have skill is knowing how to create content that will keep your audience engaged. The creative writing how-to videos on Skillshare will teach you how to write eBooks, fiction, and editorial writing. A skill that is a must when working within copywriting and marketing roles.

  • Graphic design

The tutorials offered cover many aspects of graphic design. Do you have an interest in logo design? Hundreds of videos on the Skillshare website show you how to design for different styles and clients.

  • Animation

Popular classes on Skillshare include how to create 3D animation, modelling and rendering videos. Once you have the basic skills from watching the videos, put them to good use and showcase your videos on social media.

We recommend browsing through the different videos they offer and seeing which teaching style works best for you.


Neil Patel

Neil Patel, who is known as the Marketing Guru, covers various topics in his online videos. His Youtube videos now include shorts which update you on the latest trends in the industry.

Their main videos cover:

  • SEO
  • Tools you should be using within your business
  • Marketing hacks

His channel has been popular for many years, and industry updates are always a topic of discussion.


Top courses:

Google Analytics Academy

Possibly one of the most known courses is Google’s free analytics programme. They offer beginner or advanced classes and show you how to use Google Analytics to get the most out of your business.

The course usually takes 4-6 hours to complete, and an exam is taken at the end. Once you have passed your exam, you will get a certificate of completion to add to your resume.


The Open University

Take advantage of the open university’s FREE online courses. They cover all education sectors and have courses for Marketing within a specific career area. Some of the courses we recommend are:

  • Retail Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Stakeholders in Marketing and Finance

With over 1,000 free courses, topical and interactive content as well as video guides, we’re sure you’ll find a course that piques your interest.


Many businesses often overlook the power of free online tools, but if you can find time each day to learn new skills, tools like these can help you and your business grow, opening up opportunities for more success within your business.

These platforms also offer different features and options, giving you a way to learn that works best for you!

If you have any Marketing queries, contact the team here at 10x Marketing, and we would be happy to help.